The New Do: Calling Yourself a Feminist

We absolutely love this article by Glamour which features an interview with Anna Holmes, author of The Book of Jezebel: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Lady Things. Glamour sat down with Holmes to discuss, as they put it, the return of the F-word.

Our favorite part is when Holmes says:

“I don’t feel like the word feminist is as dirty a word right now as it was five years ago. And I really believe language matters. I believe that young women unashamedly calling themselves feminists is an important first step.”

Glamour alludes, however, to a time when no self-respecting young female celebrity would call herself a “feminist”. They discuss the fact the the word held within it connotations of hairy legs and women who hate men.  And although they are referring to a time some years ago, we see later on that celebrities like Katy Perry still blatantly shun the word feminism.

So what is it about this word that is so dirty to certain people? And what social factors are motivating more and more young women to publicly label themselves a feminist? This question is the one that, when posed, served as the initial drive for the creation of GoGirlsOrg. We hope to find the motivating force behind women shying away from the “F-word”, as well as the force behind women of all ages, interests and backgrounds happily and loudly labeling themselves feminist. With these discoveries we plan on combatting the social norms and mores creating fear of the feminist label, and capitalizing on those forces which encourage women to embrace it.

Our hope is that every young woman will realize that feminism is not a dirty word, but a word that encompasses the idea of both men and women sharing equal rights and opportunities. We further hope that this recognition will serve as a force to propel more women into choosing the path of leadership.

So you tell us, do you identify as a feminist?


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